Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peace to the Frogs!

This past month I was brought on to puppeteer for a webisode-media project designed and directed by Kris Fitzgerald and launched by Rain Frog Apparel, an environmentally-minded clothing company which uses alternative fibers and fabrics. I played Sammy, a na├»ve and happy-go-lucky frog-child who has trouble understating why he has to move out of his pond-home when a strange fungus begins to cover its surface. With the help of his human friend Maya, Sammy (and hopefully our young audiences!) comes to understand the environmental issues affecting his habitat more clearly—while keeping his youthful optimism things can be changed.This was a particularly rewarding project to work on not only because of the positive cause, but also for the fantastic group of individuals involved. Hopefully our newfound friendships will come together again for another episode!

Check out the youtube upload here: