Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green!

October 3rd, 2009
“Ooooogy Green: And Other Fables” is coming back! Louise Hung and I premiered this show last spring at the Celebration Theater, and now it makes a stately reprise as the opening show for the 2009-2010 Saturday Scene children and family series at the Geffen Playhouse. Louise and I co-developed the show based on an existing text, and I designed the sets and puppets. (If you watch really close, you may also see me the behind the screen operating the shadow puppets as well.) Here is quick synopsis:
"Ooooogy Green" tells the story of a young, bug-obsessed misfit and his desire to fit it. Through classic Aesop’s fables and a new fable of his own creation, our misfit and his insectoid alter-ego Ooooogy Green learn to value diversity and embrace their own uniqueness. The second collaboration between Louise Hung and Erik Finck,” Ooooogy Green” employs highly physical approaches to acting and character, with whimsical shadow and puppet accents to shape the dramatic world. Brian Pugach adds exciting, original music and songs, and the team is completed by the talents of Jennifer Grace, Allie Roy, Joy Nash, Melanie Portney, and Michael Mullen. Appropriate for the whole family, “Ooooogy Green” is the latest effort by Finck and Hung to produce creative and stimulating approaches to children’s theater which challenge traditional notions of the genre.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back from Bulgaria: Project L.E.M.

This past July I was honored to work with NY based puppeteers Tom Lee and Matt Acheson, LA based video artist Jeff Burke and composer Jonathan Snipes, and writer/director Jared Stein on a new puppet project in development based on the writings of Stanislaw Lem. After two weeks of morning to evening work in an almost unlit space behind the main stage of the Rhodopi Dramatichen Theater in Smolyan, Bulgaria, what came out was a performance that perhaps even the often cynically minded Lem himself would have been proud of.