Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fake Trees, Real Stories

“How Do You Celebrate?”

As always one of my favorite collaborators, Louise Hung and I teamed up for a third time this last December for a not-so-traditional holiday show entitles “True Stories from Under the Tree”, premiered at the Celebration Theater. Inspired by true stories and interviews collected for this project, the performance sews together fun and poignant holiday stories and traditions which may be different than the “Night Before Christmas” stereotype we see on holiday cards. From secret presents to “fish and cake” platters, the show combines physical theater with object puppetry, and is performed on a set crafted entirely of bubble wrap (it was a true holiday miracle I could fit it all in my car!). Some quirky, some tense, these stories remind us that the holidays are a time for all of us to come together in our own unique ways.

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