Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am really happy to finally post this; after all the driving back and forth this summer listening to the radio (while orchestrating elaborate visual accompaniments in my head), and learning to work with Adobe Flash CS5, I am happy to post this music video extravaganza.

Somewhere between the (wonky) radio drifting to Drake singles repeatedly, and my interest in Mayan glyphs (in part inspired by a very interesting exhibit near the entrance of the British Museum), red birds and beating hearts emerged. Music videos are such an appealing medium to me; I love the potential to create images and stories which are inspired by rhythm and musical motifs, as well as the freedom to to deeply explore fantastic imagery and run away with concepts. Exciting stuff--any of you out there reading who are working on some kind of music video/music driven project and looking for artists...well, I'd probably be more than onboard. :)

Here is the link:

(Note: There is a (short) interactive intro, which it seems not all browsers get along with. If you can't click anything, right click and select the option that says something like "skip forward" or "play ahead". You will get to the music video eventually. I am currently working on piecing together a batch render to make a video for other platforms.)

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