Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gneed Gnomes?

This August I was in New York City, where (amidst moving to a different sublet practically every five days--yikes! Guess summer housing in NY is in demand, to say the least.) I was really happy to work on another project by Tom Lee and Matthew Acheson. I helped build some marionette gnomes and scenic pieces for a new show at the Central Park Swedish Marionette Cottage. It is a cool story that both cute and quirky at the same time, about the history of the Cottage--half real, half fictitious. I also really enjoyed getting to meet Retta Leaphart, a puppet and theater director, who spent many long hours with me paper machie-ing all kinds of gnome-parts, boats, and spaceships.

The show is still at the Cottage in Central Park! It runs for most of 2011, so be sure to check it out if you are in NY!

Many thanks again to Matt and Tom, as well as the other builders and people who helped me in NY. I am so glad to gnow all of you :).

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